These are a few samples of my post-production process while editing.

Color correction

Community Matters consists of a 3 camera setup: a one-shot on the host, a one or two-shot on the guest(s) and a two or three-shot on both host and guest(s).

Because of this, it’s crucial to make sure all final shots are color corrected as close to each other as possible.

All three cameras: before and after comparison

Keying + color correction

News Updates is shot in front of a green screen. This requires to chroma key the talent (remove the green background) and incorporate her into the News Updates graphics.

After doing this, I color correct her for the final product.

VFX: Motion tracking and masking

The client for this particular spot wanted to showcase their mobile website. However, due to the sun, the screen wasn’t visible. For this shot, I tracked the phone’s movement, inserted a screenshot of their website, and masked the actor’s thumb.